About Us Indian Community in Iraq

Indian community

There are a few families of Indian origin living mainly in the holy cities of Najaf, Karbala, Basra and Baghdad. 

With the lifting of the Government of India advisory against travel of Indians to Iraq which was in vogue from 2004 till 03.05.2010, the number of Indian workers has steadily been increasing in the more developed and peaceful Kurdistan region comprising Erbil, Sulaimaniya and Dohuk governorates, with better salaries and working conditions in steel mills, oil companies and construction projects. The number of Indians in KRG is estimated to be around 15,000. For the same reason, Indian companies such as Reliance, Jindal, Ajanta, Electrotherm etc. have also chosen to locate their businesses in KRG.  

In the wake of security issues related to terrorist attacks on Iraq and fall of certain areas of northern Iraq to the fighters, the Indians working in Iraq had concerns over their security. Embassy repatriated over 7000 people with repatriation expenditure being fully born by government of India. Embassy also assisted over 1000 Indian workers who were being repatriated by their respective companies, with required travel documents.